The Journey of the Cards: The Magician

An upright figure. The I. The Thought. The Light of a Being.
This is the Big bang. The Creation stage in which the immense energy burst into a THING, someTHING, anyTHING. This is the Vertical that connects us to the Creator. There are Four main elements. That is the Philosopher Stone has turned the Light into Materia Prima.
The magus is here to let us know that the first step is taken. The journey has begun. The child was born and the thought had landed into the body. The spirit has been trapped into a small vessel with no prior memories of its immortal soul. This is the ordinary world full of wonders.
The Magician in us is the instinct we carry with us all our lives and barely use. The magician is the red of the action and deep-rooted survival motor. He is here to challenge us to manifest whatever we want. He has placed all of his tools and all of the elements that are ready for him to use during his journey. He is connected to the divine and he is standing firmly onto the ground under his feet.
He simply IS. And that is the real miracle of creation. He is the transformed idea into the Fifth element. He is a piece of the Grand mirror of Adam Kadmon.
He shows us the way of the thought to follow: from the small to the big, from the macro to the micro, from down to up.
It is the I in the Eye of the All-seeing inner eye of the soul left as a seed in our own little garden of Vision. This is the Magician.

The story of the Magician: Let there be Light.