The Journey of the Cards: The Strength

The Strength: the Beauty and the Beast, the Woman and the Primitive, the Human and the Animal within.  She appears to be gentle and almost fragile and yet she is closing the animal’ mouth. Her eyes are locked with the lion’s one. Her gentle but firm posture shows how confident she is. She does not recognise the beast but rather see the shadow self that is about to be accepted and embraced. The fare hair, the white shirt and the wreath of spring flowers refer to the purity of the spirit. The feminine is combined with the sign of the infinity above her head. The same sign is to be found in the card of the Magician as they are both masters:  The Magician is the master of all four elements, and the Strength is a master of her own animal instincts and she is in control of her own weakness.

She uses care, love and sweetness to tame the beast. The lion has its tail between its legs, but not in fear but with understandings and gratitude towards her. He knows that she will not take his life but rather invite him to follow her on the journey.

The red lion is the masculinity and the white dress of the woman is the symbolic representation of femininity, and just like in ,,real,, life the gentle giving nature of women, tames the fearful and possessive nature of men.  And so the balance is found even for a short while.

To overpower anything in life one does not need strength on the physical level, but most of all need the strength of the spirit and the mind.

The story of the Strength:  Recognising duality, embracing the shadow.