The Journey of the Cards: The Hierophant

Sitting on a throne, all dressed in red, wearing a crown, but he is no King or Tsar. His right hand has three of its fingers crossed, ready to give blessings. In his left hand, he holds a golden sceptre, a symbol of power. He is the earthly element, he is also the voice of your body-wisdom, and he is the wise old man and your deep inner intuitive all-knowing knowledge at the same time. He is the builder of bridges between here and there. He comes in moments of need; he is the sign of God to you, to assure you one more time, you are not alone. He is the guidance, he is the messenger and he is the Words of the Spirits when you need them most. He comes in your dream to bring you a message of divine love.

He is the archetype of the Wise man, he is your better you. He is the leader and the unexpected synchronicity in your life.

The keys for the truth are in his feet, as he does not need them as with just one glaze he reads the meanings and reveal the hidden places at once. He is the guardian of the Eleusinian mysteries and the Mysteries of the Universe.

Ask and he will bring you answers, pray and he will bring you help, love him and he will open the doors to your inner gardens of Spirituality and your true self.

The story of the Hierophant: The Bridge between the Worlds