The Journey of the Cards: The Chariot

Standing in a victorious posture, the boldface is the master that holds the reins of his own life. The Sphinxes are the powers taking the chariot into the unknown going in two different directions. It is the dance of the white and black, the left and right and the lead and the iron – the creation of the new, the creation of the Philosopher stone. The card is the challenge of combining, the incombinable elements in movement. The desire and the need of moving on are there, but the elements are not structured yet.

The past is left behind because it does not serve us anymore, the future is in front of us but the path is unclear. It is the wild passion without form yet. It is the calling, it is the urge to move on, but while doing it we need to have the strength and mastery of taking control of the elements, or otherwise, the chariot will go in the wrong direction or break down.

The guiding star is on the crown of the charioteer and it is the sign of approval and support from above. The blue starry sky on the top of the vehicle is an indication of the higher self, showing us the direction and sending the urges, but we need to make sure that we have under control the material projection and reflection of the desires behind the action.

And it is a wild journey indeed, as the horses of the Universe are pulling the chariot of our life. And there is no turning back in this adventure. The only way is to be brave and determined, the only way is up and forward.

The story of the Chariot: The Beginning of the actual journey 



The Journey of the Cards: The Lovers

It is a card of the Duality and Unity at the same time; it is a card representing the feminine and the masculine, the Man and the Woman in the garden of All possibilities, Eden.

Following the meaning of the previous card, The Hierophant, the bridge between here and there, now the bridge was brought into existence in two bodies, two ideas and two sides of the same Mind and Soul.

The Sun is shining bright, revealing all hidden in the open air, referring to the pure beginning and God’s Angel giving all blessings to the Earth and the Humans. The figure above shows the unity, the universal Love available to us and the possibility of brotherhood here in the earthly plane of existence.

But fluffy clouds stay between the astral light and humankind, blocking the direct link with the heavens, leaving us confused, with many obstacles on the way of it, bringing darkness inside our own souls.

We are on a search for the pure beginning wondering on this planet, looking for ways to go back to the source. Looking for the one and only, not realising it is and has always been all the time, within us.

The tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life are there to guide us, to feed our inner beings to walk the Journey of transformation without fear, as it all comes from one source: the Divine Love.

The story of the lovers: The Universal Love, disguised


The Journey of the Cards: The Emperor

The masculine energy crowned with Ram’s head sitting on a throne, glazing deep into your own eyes as a caring but strict father. He is the foundation of the Stability stepped for the first time on four pillars in the material world. It is in his hidden message of the sacred geometry shape and meaning of the element of Fire he holds the key of his own meaning. The first element of nature has found its power within the four walls, guided by the laws of the Universe: clear and destroy.
In his left hand, the Emperor holds the sovereign Orb as a symbol of his gentle and creative power over the world he rules. In his right hand, he holds the Sceptre as a connection between God’s will over the humans and his Kingship emissary powers ruling over them. He is the Father that watches over the Kingdom and brings authority, leadership and order.
He is the structure of the ideas; he is the logistics and guidance that bring the creative chaos into an understandable order.
He wears the colour red for the foundation of the first Root chakra. He is warm and has a passion for justice and fairness. He is the decision-maker and the shoulder to lean on in moments of weakness. He is Animus in us all.

The story of the Emperor: Direction and Stability