The Journey of the Cards: The High Priestess

The answers lie between the left and right, between the black and white, between the shadow and the light.
Between Boaz and Jachin, the power elements of the unseen, a Woman sitting at the open doors of the gardens of abundance. The door appeared to be open, but it is not open to all. There is a task to be done, there is a riddle to be solved, and there is wisdom to be released.
The Woman is not a woman at all, but the reflection of the Skies and the Godly ideas to the Earth.
The blue is the veil of mystery, the secrets of the Tora and the Moon tenderness and illusionary realm in her feet, the dreamlike state of the subconscious and the fading contour of the reality.
The fruit of knowledge is in front of you and at the same time unreachable entirely because the moment we concentrate on the lines and our desire to grasp it, we are forever lost and always denied the taste of it.
It is only in the state of floating when our glowing body detaches from the heaviness of the material and it can sense the beauty of the knowledge that has been hidden until now.
Close your eyes to see, cover your ears to hear, and stop your mind from rolling around to feel that as above, so below. The blueprint of your soul is the subconscious, which leads you on this world’s journey.

The story of the High Priestess: As above, so below.


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