The Journey of the Cards: The Empress

In the glory of abundance, she is blooming in flowers, fruit and richness. She is the Feminine and the motherhood of creativity and harvest. She is pregnant with meanings and endless paths of attaining. She is the Woman of plenty.
The eleven stars are the mastery of giving and manifesting. The right-hand blessing and bringing into shape all that it is desired. She is heavy with it ALL. Her breasts are full of the milk of the abundant minds and souls. She feeds the world with hope, songs and generosity.
The bright and warm yellow is there to show there is no place for cold and sadness to thrive around her. She gives and gives love and passion, babies and ideas.
Water is flowing, greenery is juicing, the softness of the surroundings are inviting for taking as much as you want.
Abundant Creativity: The three is her number in the deck and refer to the trinity of the family: the mother, the father and the child. It is the dynamic creativity of the birth and the connection of the family.

The story of the Empress: Holy birth


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