The Journey of the Cards: The Emperor

The masculine energy crowned with Ram’s head sitting on a throne, glazing deep into your own eyes as a caring but strict father. He is the foundation of the Stability stepped for the first time on four pillars in the material world. It is in his hidden message of the sacred geometry shape and meaning of the element of Fire he holds the key of his own meaning. The first element of nature has found its power within the four walls, guided by the laws of the Universe: clear and destroy.
In his left hand, the Emperor holds the sovereign Orb as a symbol of his gentle and creative power over the world he rules. In his right hand, he holds the Sceptre as a connection between God’s will over the humans and his Kingship emissary powers ruling over them. He is the Father that watches over the Kingdom and brings authority, leadership and order.
He is the structure of the ideas; he is the logistics and guidance that bring the creative chaos into an understandable order.
He wears the colour red for the foundation of the first Root chakra. He is warm and has a passion for justice and fairness. He is the decision-maker and the shoulder to lean on in moments of weakness. He is Animus in us all.

The story of the Emperor: Direction and Stability


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